DSD Lab University of Tehran

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

- activities -

In DSD lab we do research in different areas to reach the bellow goals, leading to the design of dependable systems, used in embedded systems for certain class of applications. We also look into design of specific CAD tools which will facilitate our approach.

Goals & Objectives

  • Identifying undesirable factors and their effects on the functionality of digital systems.
  • Proposing methods to eliminate these factors in order to establish the main features of a dependable system which are availability, reliability and integrity.
  • Implementing CAD tools which allow the high level specification and design of dependable and energy-efficient VLSI systems by using asynchronous techniques.
  • Synthesis of low latency and low power design. Proposing algorithms and digital circuitries to achieve low power, high speed and dependable integrated circuits.
  • Design of on-chip communication links using special encoding to achieve better power-reliability-performance and noise robustness.
  • Ensuring that what we mean to design corresponds to the chip's actual behavior. This can be done through Functional and Formal Verification.

Current Projects